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FootJoy Contour Series Technology


     Comfort Products began development of the Multiple Contour system (MCS) back in the 1980’s. This patented technology found the perfect home: Licensed to Footjoy’s line of Contour shoes in the late 90’s. Footjoy Contour has secured a long lasting place at the top of the worldwide golf shoe market.
     This seemingly simple technology of layering foams of multiple densities is a brilliant example of making the ordinary special through careful study of the interaction of the parts and function as a whole. Our patented process of contouring and feathering the thickness of various densities and properties of foam provides precise control of cushioning and stability. Cushioning can be increased while stability can be improved unlike normal layered construction found in most shoes.
     Our design process focused on function, manufacturability, and value to the customer which has been proven through many years of success.

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